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Bachelor degrees

Students can choose between different types of Bachelor degrees, depending their goals. Bachelors usually are 120 credits or more. 

Students must complete the general education requirements (36 credit hours) as defined in the Associate in Arts degree. 

Students who transfer with an Associate degree, usually have reconized 60 credit hours. Courses will be reviewed for equivalency for students who transfer without an Associate in Arts or a bachelor's degree. 

Students (English native language) must complete Florida's foreign language requirement prior to the completion of the bachelor's degree. Foreing students with a native language other than English, in most cases are not required to complete the foreign language.

For students wishing to pursue another bachelor's degree, must complete a minimum of 15 additional credit hours beyond the first bachelor's degree, as well as any other degree requirements for the second program.

+ List of Bachelors +

The number reported is the CIP code

+ BA = Bachelor of Arts

+ BS = Bachelor of Science

+ BSc = Bachelor of Science

BD, DB, or BDiv = Bachelor of Divinity

+ BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts

+ BArch = Bachelor of Architecture

+ BLA = Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 

+ BSLA = Bachelor of Science in Landcape Architecture

B.Min = Bachelor of Ministry

B.Th. = Bachelor of Theology

+ Honours = Bachelor (Honours)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) = not more than 120 credits with 36 Credits in General Education

Bachelor of Science (BS) = not more than 120 credits with 15 Credits in General Education

+ Accounting Administration

+ Administrative Sciences

+ Business Adiministration

+ Church Administration

+ Finance Administration

+ NGOs Administration and Management

+ Public Administration

39.07) Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries.

Clinical Pastoral Counseling (BA, BS, BSc, Honours) - 51.1506

+ Counseling Psychology (BA, BS, BSc, Honours) - 42.2803 

Holistic Counseling Psychology (BA, BS, BSc, Honours) - 42.2803

+ Bachelor in Native American Education (BA, BS, BSc, Honours) - 13.0203

+ Bachelor in Religious Education (BA, BS, BSc, Honours)

+ Bachelor in Sport Coaching (BA, BS, BSc, Honours)

+ Bachelor of Arts in Education

+ Bachelor of Arts in Teaching

+ Bachelor of Science in Cosmetology and Dermatology Education (BA, BSHE, BScHE, Honours)

+ Bachelor of Science in Health Education (BA, BSHE, BScHE, Honours)

+ Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine Education (BSHE, Honours)

+ Bachelor of Science in Medical Education (BSME, Honours)

+ Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education (BSNE, Honours)

What is BA or BFA in fine art?

The professional degree (BFA) focuses on intensive work in the visual arts supported by a program of general studies, whereas the liberal arts degree (BA) focuses on art and design in the context of a broad program of general studies.

Below you can find the Fine Arts programs with their CIP code




Computer Science and IT Technology

Film Distribution


Film production

Film Studies




Networking and IT Technology




51.1503 Clinical Social Work

51.1503 Medical Social Work