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Le Scienze dell'Educazione (SdE) sono un insieme di discipline che si confrontano, con approcci diversificati, con la complessa realtà educativa.

La Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione offre lauree di primo livello (Bachelor) in Educazione scientifica ed in Formazione in campi quali Lettere, Musica, Istruzione generale e STEM, Religioni del mondo e molti altri. 

It offers Masters and Doctoral degrees, too.


A. Path in Health Education +

B. Path in Holistic Health Education

Holistic health Education focus on teaching students how to promote wellness through natural methods.


This is the Department of Sport Education and Holistic Wellness. It delivers also courses in Italian.


Department of IT Education 

IT Education means any information technology education or training product which target in software engineering, development and applications including but not limited to, software application, software development, software testing, software project management, software systems integration, software system maintenance which shall include ACCP; network engineering, design and applications including but not limited to network design, network security, building network environments, network system integration, network system configuration and maintenance, network technology applications, network service maintenance and construction of websites; and hardware which shall include but not be limited to computer and electronic equipment manufacturing, hardware maintenance, hardware assembly, hardware debugging and testing.


Department of Liberal Arts

Liberal arts education is the traditional academic course in Western higher education. Liberal arts takes the term art in the sense of a learned skill rather than specifically the fine arts. Liberal arts education refers to studies in a liberal arts degree course or to a university education. The term "liberal arts" for an educational curriculum dates back in the past. The seven subjects in the ancient and medieval meaning came to be divided into the trivium of rhetoric, grammar and logic, and the quadrivium of astronomy (often more astrology), mathematics, geometry, and music. The modern sense of the term usually covers all the natural sciences, formal sciences, social sciences, arts, music and humanities.