+ Plastic Surgery

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery Education

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doctor conducting operation at patient in operating room
+ Master of Education in Morphodynamic Plastic Surgery (MEMPS)
  • Duration: 18/24 months
  • SCH (Semester Credit Hours): 45
  • ECTS: 60

The goal is medical and surgical specialisation in the use of these new technologies, from both a clinical and research perspective. The programme aims to hone the skills of a subset of graduates of the medical school, and those with surgical disciplines focused on plastic surgery, understood primarily as morphodynamic, uniting form and function.

To be eligible for the programme, candidates must hold a Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery (Italian students must hold a class LM - 41 Medicine and Surgery pursuant to Ministerial Decree 270/2004).

The archetypal professional trained by this programme is a plastic surgeon with specialised knowledge in assessing the morpho-functional rehabilitative aspects of surgical intervention

  • Advanced Research (stem cells, isolation, cultures, potential and risks)
  • Surgical anatomy (craniofacial areas, thorax, skin and skin appendages, abdomen, breast)
  • Anti-Ageing Treatments
  • Biomaterials
  • Breast Implants and Surgery
  • Doctor's Office Tours At Specialised Clinics Across the Country and/or abroad
  • Pathophysiology (tissue metabolism, post-traumatic, microcirculation, surgical stress, aging)
  • Surgical infection (epidemiology, prophylaxis, therapies, antiseptics, antibiotics, prostheses and infections)
  • Nose Surgery
  • Obesity and Body Countouring
  • Gluteoplasty with prosthesis
  • Reconstructive Surgery (post-cancer/radical surgery, post-trauma)
  • Regulations and Bioethics (history of medicine, legal medicine, good clinical practice)
  • Normal/pathological tissue repair and treatments
  • Surgery On Deformities
  • Basic plastic surgery techniques; grafts and transplants
  • Training